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News & Upcoming Shows

Wright Receives 2023 ADAP Grant from the Ohio Arts Council

Wright's stated objective is to intensify his lifelong pursuit of capturing figurative motion in the abstract by expanding his art making with better large scale work and video. GroundWorks Dance Theatre Artistic Director David Shimotakahara agreed to allow Wright to sit in several summer rehearsals to allow Wright to do reference drawings both on paper and on an iPad. Wright's immediate goal for the rest of 2023 is to construct and paint seven 50”x 60” or larger artworks, switching from his customary vertical format to horizontal, to show a continuous flow of motion instead of the usual single calligraphic image that represents the body in motion. The grant allows him to purchase an IPad which he was able to create the "Blue" and "Red" videos on the home page.

"Ophelia, Don't" in Ohio Art League
Fall  2023 Exhibition

"Ophelia, Don';t" was juried into the Ohio Art League Fall Exhibition at Schumacher Gallery / Capital University, 2309 E Main St., Bexley, OH  Opening 9/7 5-7pm, Closes December 8th. Juror: Bellamy Printz. 

"Ophelia.29" in 19th Annual
Bryn Du May Show 2023

This artwork is on display during March 2023 in the Bryn Du mansion in Granville, Ohio. A kind viewer sent me her thoughts on this painting, which I will share here:

"I wanted to share with you my appreciation for your painting Ophelia.29 displayed at the Bryn Du art show. Being the mother of two twenty year old's I felt the sadness in the young lady portrayed in the painting but also felt quietly confident and comforted by pensive look of reflection. She was going to be ok.


The blue flowers, forget-me-nots, a hope that all we all have to be loved and to be remembered. The beautifully painted floral skirt was a lovely juxtaposition to the natural and serene surroundings. Overall the painting drew me in with the vulnerability, innocence and hope that it portrayed. The water brought up in me a motherhood fear of bad things that can happen to our beautiful and vulnerable daughters but I was comforted with the shallowness of waters depth.


It reminded me so much of my daughter L. Delicate, innocently flirty (the flowered skirt), reflective, self-assured, lover of nature, independent and so sweetly and softly feminine figure.


It is a painting of many moods but hope shines through with the dappled sunlight. Sadly for me the painting was sold."

Wright Successfully Exhibits in 2022 ArtFair14C

A select group of paintings was shown at the ArtFair14C held Nov. 11-13, 2022 at the Jersey City Armory, NJ. Wright was present during the show. This was the first time Wright's work was shown in the metropolitan NYC area and many new contacts and sales were made.

"Body Language" Exhibition at
Suite 215 Gallery in 
78th Street Studios

September-November, 2022

Huge one-man show in Suite215 Gallery, second floor of 78th Street Studios, 1300 West 78th Street, Cleveland, OH Telephone (440) 503-5506. Over 140 artworks was shown. 

"Ophelia" shown in its entirety at ARTFUL July 2022

All 40+ paintings done between 2010 and 2022 that comprise the "Ophelia" series will be shown together for the first time in the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. building, 2843 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Heights, OH during the July Open Studios.

"Catching Sunlight" Juried into the 2022 Ohio State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition July 26-August 6, 2022

The 2022 oil painting of a granddaughter trying to catching the morning sunshine on a Sunday morning has recently been accepted to the Professional division of the Ohio State Fair.

"Arney Run" accepted in 18th Annual Bryn Du Art Show

This artwork is on display during March 2022 in the Bryn Du mansion in Granville, Ohio. One of the most prestigious shows
in Central Ohio, the Annual is very difficult to be juried into. Alexandra Nicholis Coon, executive director for the Massilon Museum is the 2022 juror. 

"Ophelia.29" in Valley Arts Center Fall Show

The artwork was juried into the 49th Annual Valley Art Center Fall Exhibition in 2020. This long-standing show takes place in quaint Chagrin Falls, and is one of the best-attended shows of its kind in Northeast Ohio.

Wright's art featured prominently in theatrical release "Uninvited Guest"

"Uninvited Guest" is a 1999 thriller, written and directed by Timothy Wayne Folsome. It stars Mekhi Phifer, Mari Morrow, and Malinda Williams. 

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