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Self-published novels, poetry, and non-fiction 

Available direct from the author or from Amazon

These three novels chronicle a hearing-impaired, middle-aged sculptor who ekes a nominal living in New York City’s art world. He is unexpectantly awarded the commission of his lifetime. He contacts Tanzia, his ex-lover and favorite model, to pose for his project. While he works together with his ex-lover model, he recalls memories of his experiences at a boarding school near Cleveland. The social trauma of being deaf in an all-boys' prep school, the awakenings of his artistic abilities and his first love experiences combine to jump-start his engine. 

"The Clay Labyrinth" picks up from the first novel, as the sculptor deals with his newly found fame and all its attendant problems. "The Clay Mountain" brings the sculptor's story to an shocking conclusion, full of surprise twists, and incredible experiences.

"Howsomever" is a collection of letters written by a legendary model and ranconteur who lived on College Hill in Providence, R.I., and lived a Walter Mitty-type existence. Erudite and witty, David Fowler's writings are charming and outrageous

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